How do I know if MyShoperon is already in my community?

We are enrolling out the solution community by community.

Please complete “Join Us“, we will inform you whether MyShoperon is already in your community.

How does MyShoperon work?

After you’ve joined the MyShoperon Community, you will be grouped with Shoppers and Chaperons who live near you – these will be your friendly neighbours in need.

When a Shopper posts a listing, a trusty Chaperon will accept the listing and be home to accept the package. Once a Shopper and Chaperon has been matched, they will be able to communicate with one another within the MyShoperon platform.

Is MyShoperon private and secure?

Yes, at MyShoperon, we care about your privacy and believe in the importance of an ethical data strategy that helps establish trust with you.

Your data is yours and you should have control of it. We will only use the data you share for the purpose of delivering you the services you’ve requested. Click here to review our Privacy Notice.

Is MyShoperon computer friendly?

Yes, you can use MyShoperon on both phone and computer.

Who’s who in the MyShoperon community?

Everyone who registers is part of the MyShoperon community, however depending on what you need from the community, you can be a Shopper or a Chaperon.

  • A Shopper is someone who needs help with package receiving.
  • A Chaperon is someone who has offered to help.

We match a Shopper with a Chaperon for each specific request.

How are Shoppers and Chaperons evaluated?

After each transaction, Shoppers and Chaperons will be given the opportunity to rate each other. Our customer support team is here to listen and to ensure seamless transactions.

Can I sign up to be both a Shopper and a Chaperon?

Yes, indeed!

What differentiates MyShoperon from social media platforms (e.g., Facebook, Nextdoor)?

MyShoperon is NOT a platform to share information about what’s going on in your community.

It’s a solution to match a Shopper with a Chaperon for each specific request in a private manner – we care about your privacy, just like you do!