Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost for using MyShoperon?

For a limited time only, we are offering our services free of charge. After our promotional period, users will need to subscribe to our token system with a maximum charge of C$2 per listing. 

How does MyShoperon work?

After you’ve joined the MyShoperon Community, you will be grouped with Shoppers and Chaperons who live near you - these will be your friendly neighbours in need! When a Shopper posts a listing, a trusty Chaperon will accept the listing and be home to accept the package. Once a Shopper and Chaperon has been matched, they will be able to communicate with one another within the MyShoperon platform. 

How are Shoppers and Chaperons evaluated?

After each transaction, Shoppers and Chaperons will be given the opportunity to rate each other. Our customer support team is here to listen and to ensure seamless transactions.  

Can I sign up to be both a Shopper and a Chaperon?

Yes, indeed!

Is there a size limit on what the Shopper can list?

No size limits! For transparency, Shoppers are required to provide details on the nature of their package as well as estimated dimensions when they create listings for Chaperons.